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We have compiled a comprehensive list of 213 US Bicycle manufacturers & brands, which might include large corporations, small local companies or even individuals.

The list might include bicycles made from goods & materials 100% produced here in America, but some may also contain a percentage sourced outside the United States.

We've included a few words from the companies about themselves and the products they make, along with direct links to both the businesses & on-line retailers where you can get the latest prices, shipping costs, special deals, ect, if available.

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Dreesens Bicycles

Dreesens Bicycles Bicycles
10/27/2015 Dreesens began building his own frames/forks almost 30 years ago. Peter has raced throughout the U.S., product tested thousands of components, had eight U.S. National Championships won on his bikes, wrenched for much of his adult life, been across the pond to test the cobbles of Europe and has logged more miles then is sanely plausible.

DSB Cycles

DSB Cycles Bicycles
10/27/2015 We are a family owned company providing quality handcrafted titanium, chromoly, and stainless steel bicycles and frames. Each ordered to suit the individual riders wants, likes, and needs. If you want it a specific way WE can build it! We'll build you a bike that will be everything you want. Our products are proudly made in the USA.

Elephant Bikes

Elephant Bikes Bicycles
10/27/2015 Glen has been building bikes for 25 years. His first job at 13 was lacing up and building wheels for Wes’ BMX in Scott’s Valley, California. Over the years he’s raced BMX, cyclocross, road, and mountain bikes. He’s traveled around Europe and the US as a team mechanic and he’s built bikes for Bontrager, Serotta, and Rocky Mountain Cycles. Glen has also spent many years as a machinist and fabricator at a local manufacturing shop.

Elite Bicycles

Elite Bicycles Bicycles
10/27/2015 Crafted in the USA from American-made parts, Elite uses Easton Ultra-Light and Easton Scandium tubing, as well as U.S. made Edge Composites carbon -- the highest rated lightweight aluminum in the world. Each frame's airfoil design is also wind-tunnel tested to ensure optimal performance. Complete bike packages are built using only the highest quality components. In addition to building custom fit bikes for athletes looking for an edge, a full range of standard-sized frames featuring the same design elements are also available at dealers worldwide.

Engin Cycles

Engin Cycles Bicycles
10/27/2015 Our mission is to build bicycles that appeal to people both as a work of craft and as a machine that can be ridden and ridden often. Every bicycle is made one at a time for the end user and each bicycle is unique. Bicycles can be tig welded or fillet brazed, and often a combination of the two joining methods is used. Options include made from scratch lugs and Reynolds 953 tubing.

EWR Bikes

EWR Bikes Bicycles
10/27/2015 We are a rider owned and driven bike company committed to producing exceptional frames and complete bicycles. We are currently in the process of building a limited production run of Original Woods Bike frames with updated geometry, a butted tube set, disc tabs and more. Short rear ends, aggressive geometry, tough design and a killer ride - The Original Woods Bike indeed, originally created way back in 1991 when everyone one else was afraid to break the mold!

Firefly Bicycles

Firefly Bicycles Bicycles
10/27/2015 Firefly was born because we love our craft. We’re serious cyclists and we know you’ll appreciate the intelligence, passion, meticulous attention to detail and quality materials that go into every frame we make. Boston has long been one of the nation’s most influential hubs of handmade bikes. We’re here. Our hearts are here, and we draw inspiration from our home’s rich heritage and cycling community. Every single Firefly bike is made here in Boston from the highest quality stainless steel and titanium tubing.

Gregory Townsend Cycles

Gregory Townsend Cycles Bicycles
10/27/2015 Welcome to Townsend Cycles. Cycling has been my passion for more than thirty years and I am finally getting around to building frames. I will post updates on frames under construction and offer ideas for future projects.

Gunnar Cycles USA

Gunnar Cycles USA Bicycles
10/27/2015 American-made steel custom bicycles and bicycle frames. We rely on heat treated air-hardening steels for every Gunnar mainly True Temper OX Platinum but also Reynolds 853. We order these alloys custom drawn to our rigorous specifications. We thoughtfully select the diameter and wall thickness of each tube to provide the right balance of strength, light weight, durability, and performance, according to the specific requirements of the style and size of your Gunnar.

Helm Cycles

Helm Cycles Bicycles
10/27/2015 Every Helm frame has a unique balance of art and engineering catered to the specific needs and desires of each customer. I feel very fortunate to have found a career I am so passionate about and look forward to dedicating my professional life to continuing the tradition of creating hand-crafted masterpieces.

Hot Tubes

10/27/2015 Since 1991, Hot Tubes has been handcrafting complete custom Road, Touring, & Cyclocross bicycles. Craftsmanship and artistry combine here at Hot Tubes with our complete full service paint facility. You can have the best of both worlds, a custom built bicycle with a high quality paint scheme. We use the finest materials available, from Columbus & Deda tubing and PPG paint products. Own a piece of tradition in an all new Hot Tubes carbon fiber or steel design.

Hufnagel Cycles

Hufnagel Cycles Bicycles
10/27/2015 Beth's cross bike has some glittery red paint and a whole lot more! Some subtle carving on the lugs and fork crown, semi wrap around seat stay caps and fender mounts that you hardly notice give this bike a classy race look that can handle portland winters like a champ!

Inglis & Retrotec Cycles

Inglis & Retrotec Cycles Bicycles
10/27/2015 Retrotec bikes are modern geometry cruisers that can be ridden for fun or racing, in the dirt or on the pavement. I started making traditional straight tube frames in 1996 under Inglis Cycles. With both types of frames, I can offer customers just about anything they would want. Thank you for your interest in my bikes.

Littleford Bicycles

10/27/2015 Littleford Bicycles offers custom touring bikes designed for all types of fully-loaded bike touring diversion, excursion, or expedition. Littleford's custom touring bikes come fully equipped for the pathway to your next adventure, whether it's a new route to work or the oldest road to Rome.

MAP Bicycles

10/27/2015 MAP bicycles is owner and builder Mitch Pryor. Located in Chico, California, Mitch builds fine handmade steel bicycles one at a time and has learned the craft of framebuilding from master builder and painter Doug Fattic. Mitch has refined and expanded on these skills to include rack building with the help of fellow builder Joseph Ahearne.

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Some of the companies listed in this directory that produce vehicles here in America may also have them manufactured in other countries as well. Many businesses alter their brand names, manufacturing practices and product designs with little or no notice, so if there are questions that still remain, we suggest you contact the manufacturer directly.

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