About Us - USA Made Products

What USA Made Products is all about is pretty much self explanatory.

We feature lists of companies that make products here in America.

What might need some clarifying is what we consider is an actual American made product.

First off, we do not exclude a product because some components or materials are sourced from other countries. We also consider a product which contains all foreign based material, but its final assembly is in the USA, as an American made product. Some may disagree with this position, but as long as American workers have contributed labor to a major portion of the assembly of the product, we consider it American made, albeit less American made than others.

What we do exclude are products assembled in other countries utilizing American engineering and/or made with American sourced materials. Lastly many companies from around the world make products here in America, and regardless if the business is foreign owned or American owned as long as some or even just one of their products is assembled in the USA we will include those companies in our lists.