Mobile & Smartphone Manufacturer and Brands List

If you are looking for a cell, mobile or smartphone that is engineered and /or assembled in America, we have compiled a list of 3 companies.

The following recommendations have been manually reviewed to ensure all the brands make at least one model of phone that has been assembled and/or are engineered in America.

List last updated Oct 11 2023

#1 Phones Made in the USA

#2 Phones Assembled with US & Global Materials

Brands with a silver star shows their cell phones are completely assembled in America using a mix of any proportion of both domestic and imported components , or the final assembly is done in the US, with some sub-assembly work being done elsewhere.

#3 Phones Assembled with Global Materials

#4 Phones Engineered in the USA

Any brands marked with an 'empty star' indicates that their mobile phones are designed or engineered in the US, and/or some of the parts have been produced here, but are assembled else where into a final product.