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American Coffee Maker Manufacturer and Brands List

If you are looking for American made coffee makers, we have compiled a list of 17 companies, large and small, who make several types of coffee brewers for the home, office and food service industries.

We feel that any brewer that is produced using any amount of parts, labor, engineering and/or intellectual property that is sourced from here in the US, regardless where the final assembly takes place, would be considered to be made in America, and that company should be included in the list below.

The following recommendations have been manually reviewed for accuracy, and are impartial, which includes some product features, a few details about where and how their products are made, and also each company was given a star rating.

List last updated Oct 1 2023

Rating System

Any brands marked with a gold star shows that at least one product, or all of that companies products are made in the USA using virtually 100% domestic sourced materials & labor.
A silver star shows their products are assembled and/or machined in America using domestic labor and a mix (of any proportion) of both domestic and imported materials.
A bronze star shows that their products are assembled in the U.S. using all imported parts.
An 'empty star' indicates that the product is designed or engineered in the United States, and/or some of the parts have been produced domestically, but are sent elsewhere to be assembled into a final product.