USA Made Kitchen Appliances

We rated the top 74 US kitchen appliance manufacturers & brands. The overall rating came out to be 4.7 out of a possible 5.

This list might include appliances assembled from materials 100% made in America, but some might also contain a percentage of parts sourced outside the US.


Heavy Duty Home & Commercial Blenders.

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Can Openers

Hand Operated & Electric Can Openers.

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Stovetop & Large Capacity Propane & Wood Fired Water Bath Canners.

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Coffee Makers

Automatic Drip, Pour Over, Stovetop & Outdoor Percolators & Commercial Espresso Machines.

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Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Metal Clad, Glass & Non-Stick Pots & Pans, Ceramic & Earthen Ware.

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Sterling Silverware, Kitchen & Commercial Cutlery Sets.

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Ice Cream Makers

Hand Crank, Heavy Duty Electric & Commerical Ice Cream Makers.

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Heavy Duty Gear Drive Juicers & Juice Presses.

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Knife Sharpeners

Electric and Hand Operated Knife Sharpeners.

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Popcorn Poppers

Outdoor, Stovetop & Microwave Poppers & Popcorn Popping Machines.

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Slow Cookers

Electric Countertop Slow Cookers.

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Outdoor & Stovetop and Commerical Electric Toasters.

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Waffle Irons

Electric and Outdoor & Stovetop Waffle Makers.

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