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Knives Producers & Manufacturers. Company data with direct links to businesses that produce or sell goods that are grown, harvested, produced, manufactured, assembled, ect., here in the state of Alabama.

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C.H. Morris Knives

His name is Charlie Morris and his son Jason take great pride in their work and hope that you enjoy what you see. If you are interested in more details about a particular model or your own creation, please contact them.

Dark Custom Knives

Custom Made Knives. All handmade in the USA. At present, he makes knives by forging and stock removal methods. Most forged knives will be made from 5160, 1065, 1084, 1095, or O-1 high-carbon steel. He also uses CPM S-30V and CPM 154CM Stainless, in addition to D-2. I heat treats his own blades using either gas heat-treat forge or Evenheat oven.

Harbuck Custom Knives

All are handmade, so no two knives will be identical. Regardless of the pattern or the handle, make no mistake---these knives are built to be functional FIRST. You will see some "named" patterns offered, and if you find a particular picture that perfectly matches what it is you want to own, then that's great. But, what's more likely to happen is that you kinda like pattern #8---if it had a double edge---and about two inches longer---with a nickel double guard instead of a brass single one---and, what about a sheep-horn handle instead of boxelder---? Not a problem. Did you see a knife or sword on a movie, and think "yeah, I gotta have one of those"? Contact him, and talk about it.

Jim Hammond Knives

Jim Hammond knives represent the finest in function and quality, and are sought after by collectors around the world. A member of the Knifemakers Guild since 1978, Jim has earned a reputation as a world-class designer of edged creations for both personal and production applications, from precision investment grade folders to hard-use tactical designs. As the first custom knifemaker chosen to design for the now famous Columbia River Knife & Tool, Jim has set a precedent that many of today's aspiring designers work toward.

Matt Lamey Knives

Matt builds performance based, hand forged knives and he prefers to keep designs simple, clean and above all else functional. The majority of his work are in the Bowie and Fighter class of knives, but feel free to inquire about anything else - from a kitchen knife to a Kukri - as long as it has a a forged blade he will consider making it.

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