Wisconsin Bicycle Manufacturers & Brands

We are compiling an ever growing list of Bicycles Made in Wisconsin, which might include large corporations, small local companies or individuals.

This list might include bicycles made from goods & materials 100% produced here in America, but some may also contain a percentage sourced outside the United States.

We've included a few words from the companies about themselves and the products they make, along with direct links to both the businesses & on-line retailers where you can get the latest prices, shipping costs, special deals, ect, if available.



Badger Cycle Works

Badger Cycle Works

Custom Motored Bicycles

Due to high gas prices and a v8 auto mobile in fall of 2007 I started to make motorized bicycles.A basic motored assisted bicycle complete and ready to ride is $425.00 much more practical than a moped and with more functions, you can chose to pedal or not

Saris Brands Bicycles

Saris Brands

This little bicycle accessory manufacturer in Madison, Wisconsin, opened its doors hoping that customers would care about a company dedicated to keeping manufacturing here in the States. Nearly all of our products are assembled under our watchful eye right here in Madison, Wisconsin.

Sotherland Custom Bikes

About John


WizWheelz is committed to producing the most innovative, comfortable and earth friendly human powered vehicles in the world. We try to give back more than we take from the planet and humanity in general. That's how we are Part of the Solution.

Volae Recumbents

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Wyatt Bicycles

Wyatt Bicycles designs and manufactures the best fat bikes, hunting bikes, and adventure bikes in the USA. American made. No middleman. Total transparency.