Bicycle Resources Manufacturers & Brands

We are compiling an ever growing list of US Bicycle Resources, which might include large corporations, small local companies or individuals.

This list might include made from goods & materials 100% produced here in America, but some may also contain a percentage sourced outside the United States.

We've included a few words from the companies about themselves and the products they make, along with direct links to both the businesses & on-line retailers where you can get the latest prices, shipping costs, special deals, ect, if available.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers

The list of the boutique bicycle manufacturers, the names starting with A. If you want to find a unique bike that fits your personality, review this list. Note: this site lists manufacturers from other countries too...


The 5 Best Custom Bicycle Makers in America. On better commuting, and looking good doing it.

Made in Portland

Bike manufacturers and frame builders based in Portland, Oregon.

Minnesota Bike Companies

Minnesota Bike Companies — Bicycle brands based in the Land of Lakes.

Old Glory's Ultimate Listing

List of over 120 mountain bikes made in the USA.

Oregon Bike List

The Oregon Bike List was designed as a resource to bring riders and builders closer together and of course to continue the proud heritage of cycling in Oregon.

Popular Mechanics

Five American Manufacturers Doing It Right: Made in the USA

Source Guides

Electric Bicycle Manufacturers in the United States.

The Bicycle Builders

The Bicycle Builders is a searchable directory of custom and hand-built bicycle builders and is here to help you find that perfect bike. Our goal is to simply help spread the word about these great options. With 111 builders in our directory, and counting, you're sure to be able to find what you're looking for.

The Paceline Forum

Custom Frame Builders Listed by State.