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We are compiling an ever growing list of manufacturers from large corporations down to individuals that owns, produces and/or sells 'Knives' made here in Alaska.

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There are currently a total of (6) companies in this list.

Campbell Custom Handmade Knives

We craft, all by hand, top quality custom knives & sheaths, and offer them to you at affordable prices. Each of our knives is totally handmade, and when a knife is completed, it is then fitted with a sheath made just for that knife. Since the knives are all made by "eye", with no patterns, no two are exactly alike. Any knives you purchase will be unique, and no one else will have one exactly like one of yours! We take pride in the work we put into the knives and sheaths. We think you will like them too!

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Edge Alaska

I use the finest materials and methods available when I make a knife. My philosophy is: A knife won't leave my shop unless I'd keep it for myself . Period. Below is a picture of a majestic Afognak brown bear. One tough animal that just happened to get skinned with one of my knives. My friends asked me while in the process of skinning it, "Aren't you going to sharpen that knife?" To which I replied, "It's still cutting like nobody's business isn't it?" "Oh I guess you've got a point... and an 'Edge'".

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Knives of Alaska

We are committed to designing and manufacturing quality knives that our customers can proudly use and depend on in the field. With American ingenuity, craftsmanship and manufacturing, we produce the "Finest Quality Outdoorsmen's Knives!" Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Miles Martin

Hand made custom knives by Miles Martin in Alaska. Custom Knives hunters pocket skinner Damascus stainless high carbon. Handle Materials of 'things fomr the land' inlay silver copper brass scenes all by Miles Martin of 'Miles of Alaska' Nenana Alaska also selling custom art and raw materials to other artist.

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Northern Knives

Welcome to Northern Knives, in Anchorage, Alaska. We are the home to Alaskan custom knives and the largest full-service knife store west of the Mississippi. We stock thousands of factory and custom knives, axes, tools, and unique Alaskan edges and gifts.

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Robert Ball

Robert Ball has designed versatile and durable custom hunting knives, small game and fishing knives as well as general purpose custom folding knives. Robert Ball custom hunting knives are praised by hunters, guides and other professionals worldwide. Robert Ball knives are in use by professionals all over the globe. He has customers in countries too numerous to mention. A Robert Ball custom knife is treasured by the owner for the craftsmanship, artistry and durability.

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Note: Some of the companies listed in this Alaska Knives Directory may also own/manufacture/raise/produce them in other states and countries as well. Many businesses alter their brand names, practices and designs with little or no notice, so if there are still questions that remain, we suggest contacting the manufacturer directly.

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