Mountian Bike Manufacturers & Brands

We are compiling an ever growing list of USA Made Mountian Bikes, which might include large corporations, small local companies or individuals.

This list might include mountain bikes made from goods & materials 100% produced here in America, but some may also contain a percentage sourced outside the United States.

We've included a few words from the companies about themselves and the products they make, along with direct links to both the businesses & on-line retailers where you can get the latest prices, shipping costs, special deals, ect, if available.

3D Racing

B-29'er, Rover-XC, Cush-E and of course Big Foot are just some of the names we use to define your unique bicycle. 29, 26 650B, single speed, full suspension or fully rigged. the concepts are limitless. Send an e-mail to inquire what you are looking for in an MTB. Due to the wide array of variables I will have to provide a price quote upon inquiry, thanks, Chris.

44 Bike Co. Bicycles

44 Bike Co.

They pour all of thier passion and experience into handcrafted, custom tig welded bicycle frames made in their shop in New Hampshire. They take tremendous pride that each of their frames are made in the USA. That's right people: American Made. 29 mountain bikes are their specialty.

Bishop Bikes

Bike fit and handling tailored to customer needs and riding style are my primary objectives, with beautiful paint and thinned lugs being the finishing flourishes on a solid foundation. I prefer to fit customers myself whenever possible.

Caletti Cycles

Find your flow on the trail with a dialed-in custom Caletti bike. Hard-tails that are agile through the twists and turns and provide a solid platform for powering up climbs and accelerating towards the next berm.

Cielo Cycles

With decades of trail riding under our belts, mountain biking has always been near and dear to the Cielo team. We pooled our collective experience to create a capable modern cross-country bike that will climb with verve and descend with aplomb. The Cielo Mountain Bike is a definitive mix of form and function, the visual appeal of a classic tig-welded steel frame blended with contemporary design features.

Guerrilla Gravity

Guerrilla Gravity is a rider-focused mountain bike company that makes badass, highly-refined mountain bikes for dedicated riders. We have a full retail shop with all the gear, components, and service you need to keep rollin'.

Intense Cycles

Intense Cycles USA, Handmade in our California factory since 1991, high end full suspension mountain bikes made in usa. Each of our aluminum bikes is designed and manufactured in our state of the art factory in Southern California, which provides an optimal environment for product development while the So Cal factory supplies jobs for 30 or so Californians. Why do we bother to keep manufacturing in the US? It's harder, more expensive, puts a heavier burden on resources and is the cause of many sleepless nights for many people, so why deal with the extra hassle? The reason is as simple as it is complicated, but in short , it's our own little way of keeping the American Dream alive.

Kent Eriksen Cycles

Kent started using titanium in 1991 following his revolutionary work fabricating frames out of steel. Forever the innovator, tester and designer, titanium use was a natural progression. Kent’s signature is his ability to shape, form and fit titanium tubes specific for each bike he designs. We are a custom titanium bike building shop.

Mountain Cycle

Mountain Cycle has a 20 year history of creating bikes that sat outside the industry, in many ways Mountain Cycle was creating bikes for categories and styles of riding that did not have categories or styles! Mountain Cycle's designs were simple and effective, drawing on ideas and knowledge from areas outside the mountain bike world. They rode (and still ride) like no other bike and if you?ve ever owned or ridden a Mountain Cycle, you'll know what we and everyone else is talking about. Manufacturers site:

Siren Bicycles

Whether you're seeking a racing machine or pure dirt-trail discovery, Siren Bicycles are designed for what's inside you. We use American steel, American labor, and American ingenuity to produce the finest bicycles we know how. Siren Bicycles was founded in 2007 and is based in Boulder Colorado. American labor and materials guarantee that every Siren Bicycle is built to go the distance. From the hand-shaped tubing for the legendary John Henry to the cutting edge geometry of the Siren 55, these bikes will make your next ride the best one ever.

Six-Eleven Bicycle Co.

Inspired by the Great 611 J-Class steam locomotive, Six-Eleven Bicycle Co. perfectly pairs performance and artful design to create the ultimate in lugged and fillet brazed custom steel bicycles.

Turner Bikes

Building American made suspension mountain bikes since 1994, Turner Suspension Bikes has been at the forefront of suspension mountain bike technologies for one very important reason. . . because we ride what we build. We simply design and build suspension mountain bikes that are meant to be ridden hard, purely because we prefer riding our bikes over fixing them. The way we see it - a suspension mountain bike should be able to ride through the mud without destroying the pivot bearings, it should be able to effortlessly ride on the side of a rut and then not chatter over a series of roots down the trail, it should inspire confidence with speed and encourage you to pedal up that next climb without a second thought, and it should have a company behind it that is willing to back up every claim with excellent customer service when you need it most. Performing and enduring is what every Turner suspension mountain bike was born to do.