Electric Bike Manufacturers & Brands

We are compiling an ever growing list of USA Made Electric Bicycles, which might include large corporations, small local companies or individuals.

This list might include electric powered bicycles made from goods & materials 100% produced here in America, but some may also contain a percentage sourced outside the United States.

We've included a few words from the companies about themselves and the products they make, along with direct links to both the businesses & on-line retailers where you can get the latest prices, shipping costs, special deals, ect, if available.

Ace American Bicycles

Ace American

Ace American LLC uses the incredible Phoenix II 3640 Motor System standard on all ACE Motorbikes. It uses a dependable, powerful 36 volt 40 amp controller. These kits have been known to exceed 35,000 miles! It includes a light-weight motor, sensorless technology, and our Active Power Management Display - all with incredible reliability and power. While you can pedal with Phoenix II systems, they are NOT pedal-assist. Phoenix II systems will power themselves without help from the rider, even up hills.

Bistro E Bikes Bicycles

Bistro E Bikes

Full 3 Year warranty from Bistro E Bikes, Made in USA . Only shipping to 48 states ! High Power 640 watt 1200 watt Max. Motor, Internally geared, High performance, High efficiency Motor. Top Speed 25 MPH, Climbs Hills better than any other E-bikes with High Torque motor.

Busettii Bicycles


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Chicago Electric Bicycles Bicycles

Chicago Electric Bicycles

Chicago Electric Bicycles LLC builds electric bikes. Bike to work instead of the car to save on buying gas, short distance commuting. You don't need a license, registration, or insurance to ride one. Buy an electric bike and start saving on gas and help the environment. Going Green and electric vehicles have reached Chicago streets with clean transportation technology. We also sell American made lithium battery packs.

Convergence Tech, Inc. Bicycles

Convergence Tech, Inc.

The Pedal-A-Watt Bicycle Powered Pedal Generator was designed to be used with your bicycle to create and store electricity. Creates far more power than a hand crank generator. Best pedal power generator on the market. Power small household appliances. Run your TV solely from pedaling. Power or charge your iPhone, iPad or other device. Create electricity during power outages.

Optibike Bicycles


Optibike is the Leader in High Performance Electric Bikes, Hand Built in the USA with Ultra High Quality Components and Materials - 30+ MPH - 50+ Mile Range. Optibike frames and components including the Optibike Motorized Bottom Bracket are designed and built in the USA. By building the Optibike in America, our team has the ability to oversee every detail to ensure that the highest quality product is delivered to you. When you’ve got a question or want to learn more about your Optibike we’re here to help.

ProdecoTech Bicycles


All Prodeco Technologies electric bicycles are designed, assembled and quality controlled in the USA. ProdecoTech e-bikes are now considered among the finest in their class. They regularly elicit better reviews than e-bikes costing two and sometimes three times as much as their product lines. Most importantly, with their nationwide service network and 24-hour in-stock parts replacement policy, you will never need to worry about replacing worn-out old parts. They stand behind their quality assurance by offering an industry-best, two year, front-to-back components warranty (including the battery and the motor).


USA Electric Bike Company LLC. Bicycles

USA Electric Bike Company LLC.

The Z1 Folding Hybrid Electric Bicycle is one of the best electric bikes on the market today. The Z1 Electric Bike has a top speed of 25 mph with a 48 volt battery and a max distance of 20-40 miles on a battery charge with a 20ah battery. You can still pedal like a regular bicycle, or cruise using the electric motor, or pedal along with the motor in hybrid mode. Pedaling is optional. The Z1 Electric Bicycle is a more affordable option than Optibike and has more features than prodeco electric bike models. The Z1 Electric bike is good for rehabilitation and relaxing bike rides for fun.