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We are currently compiling a list of companies both large & small that manufacture and/or sell Gourmet Food or produce goods made from Gourmet Food, right here in Montana.

Please visit their sites & see what they have to offer, you may be surprised to find that many Montana based Gourmet Food businesses produce the same type of products made elsewhere in the US & overseas.

Montana Grassland Mixes

Montana Grassland Mixes brings to you a recipe unchanged from the good old days. Simply mix with water and you are ready to go...
Date Added (3/19/2013)

Western Trails Food

Western Trails Food features Montana-grown Hulless Barley and locally-grown beans. We package them into healthy delicious foods that not only are mighty tasty, but can help keep you healthy. Hulless barley is proven to help lower cholesterol. It's high in fiber to keep you regular, high in protein, and may work for those who can't tolerate gluten.
Date Added (3/19/2013)

The Art of Good Food

We produce 100% organic, vegetarian soup mixes, salad dressing mixes, baking mixes and Montana Dry Rubs. Each of our products is made by hand with all the love that we use for our own family meals. They are visually beautiful (the art part) and fabulously delicious (the good part). Our committment to using 100% certified organic ingredients and not skimping on the details, gives our products the rich and complex flavor you would expect from home cooking, we just make it easy for you by putting all the ingredients together.
Date Added (3/19/2013)

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