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We are currently compiling a list of companies both large & small that manufacture and/or sell Livestock or produce goods made from Livestock, right here in Montana.

Please visit their sites & see what they have to offer, you may be surprised to find that many Montana based Livestock businesses produce the same type of products made elsewhere in the US & overseas.

Wagyu Cattle Company

The Montana Wagyu Cattle Company is a family owned and operated business that is run from the ranch located in the Gallatin Valley of Southwestern Montana. We are not just some distributor or marketing outfit but the folks who raise the cattle and are personally committed to the process from start to finish. All of our beef is raised, finished, processed and packed right here in Montana by family owned and operated ranches and businesses.
Date Added (3/19/2013)

Taylor Farms

Montaylor Farms represents three generations of ranchers whose values and traditions were built around respect. Respect for the land, natural resources and animals that provide for our way of life, as well as, respect for YOUR values and peace of mind as a consumer. The product of this respect is naturally raised Montana beef; diligently cared for to be Safe, Healthy and Enjoyable.
Date Added (3/19/2013)

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