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If you wish your site to be included in our free directories then please read over ALL the following options and requirements:
**We also offer NO COST enhanced listings at select high traffic locations...more info below the submission form.**

1. Your site MUST be about or include 'American made' products, either manufacturing and/or selling/retailing USA made items. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. We will need to be able to VERIFY where your items/products are made, so if your site does not say who the manufacturer is or where the/your item was made then we will may not to be able to include it.

3. You must be the owner or an authorized representative to submit a 3rd party submissions are allowed.

To get started please complete the form below to submit your request. Note: Be sure and include your home state.

In the description section below it is very important that provide as much detail as you can about your site, including what type of products you make or offer, where you're located, how long you've been in business, ect. (The more info about yourself you provide to us the more visitors will click on your listing and to your site!)

We try not to editorialize (unless absolutely necessary) the listings so what you write in the comments section is what we'll include in your listing.

Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for us to get your site verified & your listing in place.

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By selecting the checkbox below you agree that you ('Owner' submitted above) are the owner of, or are an authorized representative of the owner of the website you presented in this submission form. You also agree that you will allow us ( to use the information you provided above as the content of your site listing, and that you also allow us any minor discretionary editing (spelling errors, ect) we deem as necessary.


NO COST Enhanced listings consists of one 336X200px image OR one 728X90px image (either you provide or we can produce one for you) that links (nofollow, as per Google best practices) directly to any page in your site.

The 336X200 image is located top right, just above the Google ads, the 728X90 image is just below the regular listings, in line and will be resized automatically for any browser type, mobile, tablet or desktop...

All that is required is a home page link back to this site, and as long as our link is in place your listing will be in place...regularly changing out your listing image or linking page is allowed (within reason), just e-mail us your info and it'll get done within a day or two at the most.

Only one enhanced listing per site, and they will be featured in the national directory, in only in one primary category, ie, all death care related pages, all tools pages, is limited and this is a first come first serve offer. We check regularly to ensure our reciprocal link is active and functioning, if for some reason the link becomes corrupted or removed, well contact you and give you time to rectify the problem, if after a reasonable amount of time the link is still inactive we'll be forced to remove your enhanced listing and install another, and there is no guarantee you will be able to obtain another, as advertising space is limited.

NOTE: only APPROVED sites are available for an enhanced listing. You will need to submit your site for consideration above, if you are approved we will contact you. (please indicate in the feedback section above if you are interested in receiving an enhanced listing.)

Now that you've decided that a no cost enhanced listing is a really good idea, (hint, hint), please highlight the following linking code below, install it anywhere on your homepage, then let us know its in place (using the submission form above), and we'll get started setting up your enhanced listing.

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Support your fellow businesses in your home state and you found our site useful and think others might enjoy it, please tell your friends about us and perhaps consider linking to us if there is a place on your site, (NOT required for inclusion in the directory, but we always reciprocate our friends via Facebook,Twitter, Google+ and others. ).