US Knifemakers 2018 List - Starting with "S"

We are compiling an ever growing list of American knife manufacturers & brands, which might include large corporations, small companies or individuals.

This list may include knives & specialty blades produced and assembled with materials 100% manufactured here in America, but some may also contain a percentage from outside the USA.

Page created Sept 24, 2015, and the listings last reviewed Wednesday, October 10, 2018 by Dave Hurley

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StClair Knives

StClair Knives

Michael StClair designs and create knives for everyday use, collection, or investment. He accepts commissions and works with customers to create unique, one of a kind knives.? Everything on the knife is created in his own shop, he designs and makes all parts of the knife, including the sheath. His 'working' knives, if taken care of properly, will appreciate in value over time.

Spyderco, Inc.

Spyderco's USA-Made knives are the cornerstone of their future and they've invested in a state-of-the-art factory facility in Golden, CO; their factory is a testament to their commitment to designing and producing the most innovative, reliable, and high-performance products in our industry. They are proud to be a U.S. manufacturer of High-Performance Matter Separators™.

Swamp Fox Knives

Crossville, Tennessee, USA
Using high carbon steel I make quality custom reproductions of historical knives common to early America. The majority of my work is based on my research of blades of the French and Indian War through the Civil War time period of American history. My knives are durable and forged to be used. Some of my work are original pieces. I will make special orders as time permits.