American Flags Made in the USA

If you are asking if any American flags are still made here in the USA?, well the answer is yes, and we've compiled a list of 9 manufacturers.

The FMAA’s “Certified Made in the USA” seal on an American flag certifies that every step of the manufacturing process for that flag has been completed using domestic materials in US facilities with US labor.

Any flag that is produced using any amount of parts, labor, engineering and/or intellectual property that is sourced from here in the US, regardless where the final assembly takes place, we would consider that item to be in part made here in America, and the manufacturer will be included in the list below.

List updated 9/5/2023

US Flags Brand and Manufacturers List

The list includes businesses that make the U.S. Flag, State Flags, US Military, territorial, sports, world flags and many more.

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This site does not have any relationship, business or personal, with any of the manufacturers in the list below.

This is the 'rating system' used to score the above brands.

Any brands marked with a gold star shows that at least one product, or all of that companies products are made in the USA using virtually 100% domestic sourced materials & labor.
A silver star shows their products are assembled and/or machined in the U.S. using domestic labor and a mix (of any proportion) of both domestic and imported materials.
A bronze star shows that their products are assembled in the United States using all imported parts.
An 'empty star' indicates that the product is designed or engineered in the US, and/or some of the parts have been produced here, but are sent elsewhere to be assembled into a final product.