American Made Health & Beauty Gifts

We are compiling an ever growing list of U.S. health & beauty product manufacturers & brands, which might include large corporations, small companies and individuals.

There are currently 13 companies in this list, which might include health & beauty products assembled from materials 100% manufactured here in America, but some may also contain a percentage produced outside the USA.

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Austin Air

Austin Air
Austin Air Purifiers are Made in America and combine proven filter technology to provide the best overall protection from a wide range of airborne particles, chemicals, gases, and odors.

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Baby Care


NuAngel, Inc. is an American woman-owned business manufacturing quality products for mothers & infants including Nursing Pads, Pillows & Burp Cloths.

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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

For generations we've had to put up with harsh chemical smells to get a good clean. Enter Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. A collection of household products made with essential oils from flowers and herbs that smell nice, but really pack a punch against daily dirt and grime. Our garden fresh scents include Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Basil, Geranium and many others.

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Healing Stones

Healing Touch Pottery

Our Healing Stone Mugs have Healing stones and crystals mounted onto the thumb rest of each handle. Our Healing Stone Mugs are hand-crafted on the potter's wheel and shares with you the healing energy in both its beauty and touch. Each mug is hand paired with a healing stone to match the vibrational frequency of energy flow and then Reiki charged.

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Hair & Beard Care

Hone Alone

The Hone Alone Razor Sharpening Block you can extend the life of your razor cartridges by 5-7 times! It works on any cartridge like the Mach 3™ or Atra™, and a few passes on Hone alone will renew your blade.

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Portland Beard Company

Created using all natural Argan Oil. Argan oil contains Vitamin E for moisture retention and creates a strengthening effect for the hair of your beard. It is helpful in maintaining a strong healthy beard. We also add Meadowfoam seed oil which is native to Northern California and Southern Oregon. Keeping it Local !!! Meadowfoam seed oil will give your beard shine and keep it soft Without the greasy feel.


Maine Medicinals Inc.

Elderberry Syrup combines elderberries, elderflowers, and wild Maine blueberries to deliver a powerful antioxidant punch. The syrup is designed for everyday use, to promote immune strength and help fight flu symptoms. You can take it straight (elderberries taste a bit like figs) or add it to a beverage, such as tea or a smoothie.

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Skinny and Company

Vertical "Skinny" Integration - Our Tree To Table Approach Tree To Table means we are vertically integrated, from picking the coconuts to processing the coconut


Footmate® System

The FootMate® System is proudly made in the United States of quality mildew and stain resistant materials. The contoured brush design of the FootMate® System cradles the foot for comfortable positioning.

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Skin Care

Honey House Naturals

Experience long lasting, effective, and healthy skin and room products: Bee Bars, Belly Bars, lotions, soaps, lip butters, room mist, gifts and more. Each is made with all-natural, superior quality ingredients including shea butter, jojoba, and kukui nut oil. All are free of fillers and chemicals.

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The Naked Bee

High-quality, natural personal care line that are affordable to everyone…compact, concentrated and convenient sizes. Now most people can afford the Naked Bee line:

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Spongellé makes Infused Soap and Pedi-Buffers that do more than most exfoliating sponges—four times more. Infused with premium skin care ingredients and exotic extracts, these luxurious buffers exfoliate, massage, cleanse, and moisturize all at the same time. With delicate, invigorating scents, these Made in the USA bath products are a treat for the senses.

Walking Aids

Brazos Sticks

They carry a wide variety of handmade walking canes and walking staffs for both men and women. Each cane is individually made from the finest woods, such as maple, bamboo or hickory, and can be personalized in many ways. Each walking cane is made in the U.S.A. and handcrafted by their artisan craftsmen in Central Texas not far from the Brazos River. Most of their custom walking cane blanks are naturally harvested in the nearby woods of east Texas, Arkansas and western Louisiana. Only the raw blanks that show the highest strength are chosen for use in their walking canes for women and men.

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Some of the companies listed in this directory that make products here in America, may also have them manufactured in other countries as well.

Many businesses alter their brand names, manufacturing practices and product designs with little or no notice, so if there are questions that still remain, we suggest contacting the manufacturer directly.