The Café Brew brand of coffee and kitchen accessories is manufactured by Medelco, Incorporated. Café Brew is dedicated to making the lives of kitchen consumers easier. They strive to create useful, universal, high-quality, low cost coffee products.

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Which Cafe Brew models are made in the USA: (2) Carafes

Type: Coffee Carafe
Construction: Assembled from US & foreign components.
Production: Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Cafe Brew Replacement Carafe Coffee Makers

This “Millennium Style” universal replacement carafe has been designed to fit today’s newer 10-12 cup coffee makers including Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee, Black & Decker, Farberware, Hamilton Beach, etc. The carafe is packaged with two lids and an adaptor for an expanded fit. The position of the “pause and serve” or “sneak a cup” feature will determine which lid and/or adaptor you will need to use. The pot is made in the USA from Borosilicate glass and is BPA-free, dishwasher and microwave safe.

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