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Updated 8/13/2013.

We are currently compiling a list of companies both large & small that manufacture and/or sell Specialty & Trade Specific Tools or produce goods made from Specialty & Trade Specific Tools, right here in Arkansas.

Please visit their sites & see what they have to offer, you may be surprised to find that many Arkansas based Specialty & Trade Specific Tools businesses produce the same type of products made elsewhere in the US & overseas.

Ben Pearson Automotive Products

We are happy to be one of the few American Manufacturers still proudly building automotive equipment products in the USA. We have manufactured products in the sporting goods, agriculture and automotive industries for over 65 years. We have been a leader in the automotive shop equipment market for over 30 years.
Date Added (2/23/2013)

Smith's Edgeware

Nestled in the hills outside Hot Springs, Arkansas, Smith’s®, was founded in 1886 by company president, Richard Smith’s, great-grandfather, James Archer Smith. Smith’s product offering now includes more than 200 products and they have built a reputation as the single-source supplier of knife sharpeners that meet all sharpening needs in all the major sharpening categories: Arkansas Stones, Carbides, Ceramics, Diamonds, and Precision Sharpening Systems.

From their humble beginnings as an Arkansas stone company to becoming one of the world’s largest producers of handheld and electric knife and tool sharpening products for the Housewares, Sporting Goods and Hardware markets, Smith’s® continues to bring innovation to the marketplace while providing quality products and unprecedented service.
Date Added (2/23/2013)

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