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Updated 8/13/2013.

We are currently compiling a list of companies both large & small that manufacture and/or sell Smoked Food or produce goods made from Smoked Food, right here in Arkansas.

Please visit their sites & see what they have to offer, you may be surprised to find that many Arkansas based Smoked Food businesses produce the same type of products made elsewhere in the US & overseas.

Ozark Mountain Family Smokehouse

Over 50 Years ago, the Ozark Mountain® Smokehouse started with a smoked turkey... In the mid-thirties, Roy Sharp was served a smoked turkey at a party. He found it dry and salty and claimed to his wife later that although he'd never smoked a turkey he thought if he ever did he could easily beat that.
Date Added (2/23/2013)

Petit Jean Meats

Every Ozark Hickory Smoked Ham receives special attention. Each ham is individually hand-trimmed and seasoned with a blend of cloves, cinnamon, and other special ingredients before going into our old-fashioned smokehouse. Inside our smokehouse, each ham soaks up the smoke from smoldering hickory chips for at least 16 hours. The result is a ham that is fully cooked, moist and tender through and through, with an incredible smoky flavor that goes all the way to the bone.
Date Added (2/23/2013)

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