US Watercraft Manufacturers & Brands - 2018 Off Shore Boats List

We are compiling an ever growing list of USA made off shore boats, which might include large corporations, small companies or individuals.

There are currently 30 companies in this list, which might include watercraft made from materials 100% manufactured here in America, but some might also contain a percentage produced outside the USA.

We've included a few details about the companies and their products along with direct links to both the manufacturer & various on-line retailers where you can get the latest prices, shipping costs, special offers & more.

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American Tug

American Tugs are a very high quality expedition trawler built in La Conner, WA.

Albemarle Boats

Carolina Classic and Albemarle boats are fished in oceans around the globe. With dealer locations in Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe and throughout the United States, our products are sold and serviced worldwide. When brands cross boarders, it’s even more important that our identity holds to international standards while representing the best in American Craftsmanship.

Giddings Boatworks

Giddings Boatworks


Grady-White Boats builds ruggedly elegant outboard powerboats ranging from 18' to 37': center console, dual console, walkaround cabin and express cabin styles.


They design and manufacture world class luxury offshore boats from 17’ to 53’, each packed with timeless innovations, technology and trendsetting features. Dual console Dorados ideal for the family. Shallow drafting Bay Boats ready for backwater and inshore. Center console sportfishing machines ready for action.

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Some of the companies listed in this directory that produce electronic items here in America, may also have them manufactured in other countries as well. Many businesses alter their brand names, manufacturing practices and product designs with little or no notice, so if there are questions that still remain, we suggest contacting the manufacturer directly.