US Bicycle Manufacturers & Brands - 2018 California List

We are compiling an ever growing list of USA made bicycles, which might include large corporations, small companies or individuals.

There are currently 211 companies in this list, which might include bikes made from materials 100% manufactured here in America, but some might also contain a percentage produced outside the USA.

We've included a few details about the companies and their products along with direct links to both the manufacturer & various on-line retailers where you can get the latest prices, shipping costs, special offers & more.

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Each one of our distinct models are designed and built to achieve great balance, limit compromise and maximize performance within an intended purpose. They must live up to our tough standards, that is, the standards of a life long cyclist, racer, professional bike mechanic, aerospace level TIG welder, professional CAD expert and veteran bike designer. They are the frames we build for ourselves and the frames we ride everyday.

Black Cat

Hands down, the most important trait of a bicycle. If the bike doesn’t fit correctly, it will affect the rider’s ability to ride the bike fluidly, free from thought. Your bike should corner easily, descend confidently, and climb symbiotically with you. A proper fitting bicycle affords these characteristics by putting your weight where it needs to be; you are balanced and ready to act and react with no hesitation. Without the fit, the rest doesn’t matter.

Columbine Cycle Works

Since all Columbine frames are 100% custom, they are designed specifically for each customers anatomy, riding style, intended use and aesthetic desires. We would ask that you suspend any limiting conventions that you may have held concerning bicycle frames and cycle fit. Each Columbine is made for one unique individual.

Holland Cycles

Holland Cycles has handcrafted bicycles in San Diego since 1976. Our designs are anatomically fit, purpose built and satisfaction guaranteed 100%.

Hunter Cycles

Rick Hunter designs and builds custom bicycle frames that are made to do everything from racing to hauling cargo to crossing distant hills far from home. He also builds handmade forks, racks, and stems when the mood strikes.

LOW// Bicycles

Low bicycles is a small manufacturer of high quality, handmade aluminum bicycle racing frames. Established in 2010 by Andrew Low, all of our frames are manufactured by hand in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Mandaric Bicycles

At Mandaric Bicycles, we implement those elements into every single frame/bike we make. We strictly believe in a specific geometry for the rider, and although some of us are similar, no one is the same. We want to make you the perfect bike, the unity of material, your fit, and and your riding style.

Mikkelsen Frames

Mikkelsen Frames is a San Francisco Bay Area bicycle framebuilder. Specializing in custom fitted bicycle frames. Creator of the pro-sizer sizing cycle.

Moth Attack

American Dagger Road: Fillet brazed steel road frame, Enve fork. All custom geometry and tubing choices based on rider and intended use. 44mm head tube, tapered fork and clearance for 28c tires standard.

Muse Cycles

Bicycles, like Muses, inspire. At Muse Cycles, the riders’ desires and inspirations are paramount. Each new custom bicycle starts with a conversation between the rider and the builder. During this conversation, the builder, Lyle Harlow, strives to understand the riders’ wants, needs, and goals and uses this information to create a design that inspires enjoyment and accomplishment.

OS Bikes

Of Spirit (OS) Blackbuck is a 29” tire one-speed built with CroMoly steel for a lively ride at an affordable price. Mark Slate designed the Blackbuck based on frame design experience dating back 29 years. Slate designed the first true 29? diameter tire in 1999 which needed a frame to fit it. Several frames were designed and made in 1999 to accommodate the needs of 29? tires and various length forks were used. This experience has been carried forward to the Generation 2 Blackbuck now being offered.

Rebolledo Cycles

Rebolledo Cycles specializes in made to measure track, road, cyclocross and randonneuse bicycles using only the finest steel tubing,- Payday Loans Direct Lender, fittings and lugs. Our interpretation of the bicycle is one that blends modern components and materials with traditional craftsmanship and style.

Rex Cycles

Rex Cycles specializes in custom frames, mechanical and frame repairs, parts and our complete bikes. We specialize in road racing, touring, and tandem bicycles.

Rock Lobster Cycles

Rock Lobster Cycles - custom bicycles built in Santa Cruz, California. My frames have been ridden at the Olympics and at world championship cyclocross and mountain bike events in many parts of the world . Since a lot of much better riders than myself have given me input on the performance of my bikes, the development and sophistication of my framebuilding has been tremendous over my career.


Handmade in the U.S.A. Tallerico Cycles are a beautiful representation of American craftsmanship and pride. All our steel frames are handmade in Lodi California. All our complete bicycles are carefully put together by professional bicycle mechanics. Everything is available in our signature sizing and of course we offer full custom. We welcome you to step inside and have a look around!

Townsend Cycles Ltd.

Welcome to Townsend Cycles Ltd. Custom Frames.

Varco Cycles

I'm just a family guy with a job who likes bikes! I build frames using steel tubes and lugs. So far I have built frames for track, gravel and cyclocross.

Ybarrola Bicycles

Ybarrola Cycles was born from David's desire to have something he could not purchase in the local bicycle store, a classic steel bicycle like his first frame. In 2003 David began building his first bicycles. His eye for detail and his long experience working with his hands gave him a great start in framebuilding.

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