American Made Fishing Reels

We are compiling an ever growing list of U.S. fishing reel manufacturers & brands, which might include large corporations, small companies and individuals.

There are currently 9 companies in this list, which might include reels assembled from materials 100% manufactured here in America, but some may also contain a percentage produced outside the USA.

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Spinning Reels

Innovative Reel Technologies

Want the most innovative American manufactured aluminum spinning reel available on the market today? After nearly 5 years in development, IRT spinning fishing reels are available for sale. These unique reels provide the utmost in flexibility and customization. Body style, color, and overall design are customizable to give you the chance to create a one of a kind fishing machine. The IRT reel is manufactured from 6000 Series aluminum and has an anodized finish to minimize the corrosion and damage that occurs in a salt water environment.

Their reels are designed and manufactured for use in both salt and fresh water applications, depending upon model selection.

Penn Z Series

The PENN Z Series reels mean one thing....reliability. The reintroduction of the Z Series is due 100% in response to customer demand. Simple is the name of the game, that's how it was designed 50 years ago, and that's how it's built today....a true workhorse. Made in USA of domestic and imported components.

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Baitcasting Reels

Avet Reels

Avet Reels are all designed, machined and assembled in their factory in Chatsworth California. Every part including all internals are made in house with the exception of the bearings which are sourced from several suppliers around the Los Angeles area. All Avet Reels feature components precision machined in the USA from solid 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum, and solid stainless steel stock, with incredible strength and corrosion resistance engineered into their design.

All Aluminum components are anodized for superior corrosion resistance, as well as beautiful finishes. Avet Reels are designed for easy take-down and maintenance, with no springs or small parts that "go airborne" and disappear during basic disassembly.

Avet reels are not only built well, they perform. Their over-sized carbon fiber Avedrag Dry Drag System gives Avet Reels something no other reel has, an ultra smooth and powerful drag system with the ability to free spool at a full drag setting. Eight precision stainless steel ball bearings give Avet Reels incredible smoothness, increased casting distance, and superior free spool.

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Fly Fishing Reels

Abel Reels

Abel Fly Reels are consistently praised as the best. If you're looking for a top quality, custom Fly Fishing Reel, contact them today. They have some of the finest reels for fly fishing available.

All Abel products are 100% hand-crafted in their Camarillo, California factory by highly skilled technicians using only the finest materials. Their products are collector quality and built to withstand years of abuse. Abel Fly Fishing reels and equipment are produced using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. They've been making the best Freshwater & Saltwater Sport Fishing Reels for over 27 years.

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Aspen Reels

Aspen Fly Reels are manufactured by Barrel Service Company, a family owned and operated machine shop located in San Marcos, CA. What started as a one man shop with a manual Axelson lathe is now a contract manufacturer with sixteen CNC lathes, four machining centers, and numerous horizontal and vertical mills. The company employs over forty machinists, operators, and support personnel in a 22,000 square foot facility.

The Aspen fly reel is strong, simple, and lightweight, making it ideal for all fly fishing applications. It will be your reliable and steady companion through season after season of fishing. Its sturdy construction will endure extremes of weather and harsh environments as well as the inevitable, though surely not intentional, rough handling.

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Innovative Reel Technologies

IRT is excited to introduce it’s patent pending, revolutionary custom fly fishing reel design that is bound to create major waves in the fly fishing industry! IRT’s fly reel provides an anti-reverse mechanism that features a handle side drag system without the mechanical click and pawl system commonly used on “mooching” handle side drag fly reels.

Nautilus Reels

When you visit the Nautilus Reels factory in Miami, you encounter dedication amplified by passion, diligence fueled by tradition, and generations of experience with machinery. At Nautilus Reels, angler innovators will share with enthusiasm their cutting-edge advancements in fly fishing reel design and manufacturing in light of “Tested on Animals™” research and development with fly-targeted species from steelhead in British Columbia to trout in Montana to tarpon not far from the Nautilus camp.

Ross Reels

Ross is recognized as the leading fly reel manufacturer in the United States. Ross Fly Reels are some of the best in the world. If you’re searching for a top rated fly fishing reel that won’t let you down, you can stop. Their fishing reels are at home in saltwater or freshwater conditions.

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Tibor Reel Corporation

2011 marked the 35th Anniversary of Tibor Reel Corporation, and to celebrate, Tibor introduced a revolutionary new line of reels that are the pinnacle of 35 years of designing and manufacturing the world’s finest fly fishing reels. Tibor reels are made “by fishermen for fishermen,” and the Juracsik family is proud their products are 100% made in the USA.

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Salt Water Reels

Penn International

Made in USA of domestic and imported components, the Penn 900 (AKA International) baitcast reels are hands-down the most solidly constructed baitcast reels on the market. Perfectly balanced to complement your favorite casting rod, and built to define a new standard of reliability and quality. Big or small no fish stands a chance.

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Penn Torque

The Penn Torque Star Drag is made in the USA of domestic and imported components, and features an open top design with a machined and anodized aluminum body and sideplates, along with a lightweight forged aluminum spool. The revolutionary Live Spindle design makes the Torque one of the longest casting reels on the market. Engineered to provide long lasting PENN durability, the HT-100 drag system is smooth from the beginning to the end. The revolutionary Live Spindle design makes the Torque one of the longest cast reels on the market.

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Penn US Senator

The Penn US Senator is the best Senator money can buy. Available in 3 models and built in the USA with a machined aluminum frame, stainless steel gearing, and heavy duty HT-100 drag system.

Proudly made in Philadelphia, the US Senator is an extremely powerful, smooth reel you can use for bottom-fish or deep water heavy jigging. The US Senator's bullet-proof design and durable components allow anglers to stop fish in their tracks day after day. The deep, narrow arbor considerably increases its line capacity giving that added piece of mind when you hook into a big fish.

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Ice Fishing Reels

Ice Fishing Equipment

The Fish Alert buzzes when you've got a bite - don't miss another fish with this battery operated reel alarm! Productive Alternatives, Inc. P.A.I. is a non-profit agency dedicated to providing diverse human services programming, offering viable workforce opportunities for businesses, and manufacturing and marketing innovative products.

Some of the companies listed in this directory that produce fishing products here in America, may also have them manufactured in other countries as well. Many businesses alter their brand names, manufacturing practices and product designs with little or no notice, so if there are questions that still remain, we suggest contacting the manufacturer directly.

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