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Hurley Knives - Knives
Jeff makes his knives based off his own designs, using 1095, 80CRv2 and a few other high carbon steels. He also uses high strength epoxy and flared tubing pins to attach the handles for durability and a nice solid feel. He also does his own precision heat treating in house with a digital oven and appropriate quench oil to ensure maximum hardness and toughness of the blades. His knives are built to withstand heavy use and will last a lifetime.

Murry Carter Cutlery - Knives
A trip to Japan when Murry Carter was 18 years old led to an unexpected encounter with an amazing man, Sensei Yasuyuki Sakemoto who was the 16th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith and whose family custom forged samurai swords for some of Japan’s most influential feudal lords. In time, his relationship with Sensei Sakemoto led to a unique six year apprenticeship and upon its completion, was asked to continue on in the 420 year old family bladesmithing tradition as the 17th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith.

Murry worked as a village bladesmith for 12 more years, and introduced his hand-forged Japanese kitchen knives to the Western market in June 1997 and achieved Master Smith rating through the American Bladesmith Society in June 2001. In 2005, he moved to Oregon and has been busy plying my trade ever since.

Sibert Knives - Knives
Shane Sibert of Sibert Knives makes custom fixed blade knives, a frame lock folding knife and a combat dagger avoiding large metal guards, bolsters and heavy pommels to keep the knives balanced and agile in the hand. Materials have been carefully selected to ensure optimal edge retention and low maintenance. Although the knives incorporate slim handle slabs to decrease unwanted bulk and weight, the handles contour the hand for a synergistic fit. Shane Sibert handmade bladeware is made for backpacking, expeditions, tactical and survival use.

Bill Siegle has been making knives since he was 8 years old. His is mostly self taught but did spend as much time as he could with ABS Master Smith James Schmidt when he was a teenager before entering the military. Jim taught him that no matter what you add to a knife cosmetically, it must be able to work as a tool and that is what he strives to make.

Take a look around at their quality custom knives. They have Damascus blades and museum quality products. USA Locals based out of Salem, Oregon. Shipped anywhere.

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