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We are currently compiling a list of companies both large & small that manufacture and/or sell Cosmetics or produce goods made from Cosmetics, right here in New Jersey.

Please visit their sites & see what they have to offer, you may be surprised to find that many New Jersey based Cosmetics businesses produce the same type of products made elsewhere in the US & overseas.

Ecco Bella

Make-up from earth minerals infused with flower waxes. As a flower stays beautiful over time, this flower wax-infused make-up glides on and lasts longer. Professionals use it, actresses demand it. You'll love it. It's ecology gone beautiful. Look for the refillable compacts for eyeshadow and blush. Gluten-free cosmetics. Preservative-free* cosmetics. For sensitive skin. *Foundation and mascara require mild preservatives.
Date Added (1/11/2013)

Lasting Impression USA

Founder and President of Lasting Impression I, Inc. Darlene P. Story, had a vision that one day she would develop a product that would provide men, women and children a healthier alternative in camouflage makeup. In 1996, wax and oil based camouflage products dominated the market but these left a heavy cakey feeling on the skin and clogging pores opening the door for additional skin problems. While those products served a purpose and the means to camouflage, there had to be another alternative to provide full coverage yet allow the skin to breathe and continue to be healthy.
Date Added (1/11/2013)


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