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We are currently compiling a list of companies specializing in products & goods that are built and/or assembled right here in Minnesota.

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Why buy Minnesota made goods? Each dollar generated from Minnesota made products & services helps to support the owners, workers and their families.

Below you will find links to businesses that produce and/or sells goods & services made in Minnesota, from large corporations to small mom & pop companies to individuals, each one offering their own type of unique products and services.

Many of these businesses make their products from the natural resources available here, such as, from trees harvested from the forest, minerals & ores mined from quarries, animals raised on farms or crops grown here.

You will also find both factory produced & handcrafted wood, metal & mineral products. Things like, local gourmet foods, spices & preserves, custom manufactured electronic devices & components. Also, earth, engine & human powered machinery & transportation equipment, to name just a few.

Apart from finding products made in Minnesota that we use everyday, many of the items are one of a kind and cannot be found anywhere else, such as arts, craft items, clothing and other sewn items. Toys made of wood & recycled goods, and other unique holiday gifts.

Find Minnesota made products

Minnesota Made Products & Services Directory

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Take a few minutes and browse through this ever growing directory of Made in Minnesota companies.

Directory Updated - 11/1/2013 - 22 Categories with 68 links to Minnesota businesses.

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4 Total listing(s). Livestock-(1).Nurseries-(1).Organic Farming-(1).


1 Total listing(s). Refrigerators & Freezers-(1).

Beauty Products

2 Total listing(s). Cosmetics-(1).Skin Care-(1).


1 Total listing(s). Brewed Beers-(1).

Children Items

1 Total listing(s). Kids Clothing-(1).


4 Total listing(s). Caps & Hats-(1).Clothing Accessories-(1).Footwear-(1).Leatherwear-(1).


1 Total listing(s). Music Equipment-(1).

Energy Production

2 Total listing(s). Biofuels-(1).Hydroelectric-(1).


4 Total listing(s). Gift Baskets-(1).Handcrafted Gifts-(3).

Home Products

2 Total listing(s). Bedding & Linens-(1).Kitchen Cookware-(1).


1 Total listing(s). Handcrafted Jewelry-(1).

Pet Products

1 Total listing(s). Pet Food-(1).

Recreation & Leisure

1 Total listing(s).


1 Total listing(s). Minnesota Made Products-(1).


2 Total listing(s).


1 Total listing(s). Industrial Tools-(1).


5 Total listing(s). ATVs-(1).Custom Vehicles-(1).Snow Mobiles-(1).Watercraft-(2).

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