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We are currently compiling a list of companies that make products right here in Tennessee. This directory has information about and links to the businesses, which includes large corporations, small businesses and individuals also, each one offering their own type of unique products and/or services.

You will find many products made from the natural resources available here, such as from trees harvested from the forests, from minerals & ores mined from quarries, animals raised on farms or from crops grown here in Tennessee. You will find both factory produced & individually handcrafted items.

Apart from finding things which we use everyday many are one of a kind, such as arts and craft items, clothing, toys and all kinds of unique foods and holiday gifts.
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Tennessee Products & Manufacturers List

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There are currently a total of (243) listings in this Tennessee directory.
Please take a few minutes and select a topic and browse for manufacturers, producers, products and retailers. We've provided some basic information about the companies and the products they make, we've also included links directly to the businesses that make and retailers that sell Tennessee goods, thank you.

Agriculture Products

Some of Tennessee's agri-products are bee keeping farms & apiary products, fish farms, alpaca, goat ranches, grass feed beef, plant nurseries and organic farming.
(28 listings)


Appliances manufactured include heating and A/C equipment, cook-tops, ranges and water heaters.
(8 listings)

Arts-Crafts Items

Some of the colorful & creative arts & crafts items include scented and soy candles, a variety of folk art, stained glass, leathercraft products, pottery and woodcraft items.
(21 listings)

Beauty Products

Find a variety of healthy & helpful hand-made natural bath and body soaps, creams and moisturizers.
(10 listings)


Find tasty blended coffee's & teas, refreshing spring water and a variety of hard liquors.
(7 listings)

Children Items

Custom made baby, toddler and kids clothing for everyday outdoor play, seasonal events and parties.
(2 listings)


Find custom made hand bags, leather products, outdoor apparel, sleepwear and socks.
(9 listings)

Electronic Items

Find battery charging, audio, communications and lighting equipment.
(6 listings)


Find a wide assortment of candies, cheeses, honey, snacks, spices & sauces and a variety of delicious gourmet foods like cheese straws, whiskey fudge, truffles and much more.
(35 listings)


Custom made and factory produced hardwood, log, rustic, office and other types of furniture.
(14 listings)


Kids of all ages will enjoy these outdoor play items and handcrafted wooden toys.
(2 listings)


Corporate, food gifts and gift baskets.
(8 listings)

Health Products

Orthopedtic health products.
(2 listings)

Home-Garden Items

Home construction products, outdoor structures and cooking equipment.
(6 listings)


Handcrafted & gemstone jewelry makers.
(5 listings)

Manufactured Goods

A variety of manufacturers including apparel, chemical products, fabricated metal products, machinery, textile goods & more.
(36 listings)


Precious metal mining & coal refining.
(2 listings)

Music Items

Guitars, Banjos & more.
(11 listings)

Outdoor Products

Grills & knives.
(7 listings)

Pet Products

Foods & treats.
(2 listings)


Attractions include, museums, unique places and spectator events.
(7 listings)

Service Goods

Professional services.
(2 listings)

Sports Items

Sports equipment.
(2 listings)


Industrial and trade tools.
(3 listings)


Bikes, boats & more.
(8 listings)
Note: Some of the companies listed in this directory that produce goods made domestically here in Tennessee, may also manufacture them in other states and countries as well. Many businesses alter their brand names, manufacturing practices and product designs with little or no notice, so if there are still questions that remain, we suggest contacting the manufacturer directly.

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