American Made Hunting Boots

We have compiled a list of U.S. hunting boot manufacturers & brands, which might include large corporations, small companies and individuals.

The list includes hunting boots assembled from materials 100% manufactured here in America, but some might also contain a percentage of materials sourced outside the United States.

We rated the top 11 US made hunting boot brands. The overall rating came out to be 4.8 out of a possible 5, see how each brand scored below.

We've also included a few details about the companies and their products along with direct links to both the manufacturer & various on-line retailers where you can get the latest prices, shipping costs, special offers & more, if available.

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Arrow Moccasin Company Hunting Boots

Arrow Moccasin Company

Arrow Moccasin Company has offered the finest quality for over forty-five years. They have pledged to make each pair of moccasins with the exact same handmade standards that they have perfected over 45 years of doing business. Each moccasin and boot will receive the same painstaking individual attention that has made Arrow Moccasin an award winning company, known for uncompromising standards and workmanship.

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Rating 4.5 stars.
Carolina Shoe Co. Hunting Boots

Carolina Shoe Co.

At Carolina, their goal is to provide working people with footwear that is 100% effective. They understand the differences in job requirements, so they design and build footwear to accommodate those differences, using industry-specific designs and sophisticated construction techniques to combine carefully chosen materials with state-of-the-art, patented technologies. Made in USA Footwear manufactured in their Martinsburg, PA facility.

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Rough Terrain

Rating 4.5 stars.
Chippewa Boots Hunting Boots

Chippewa Boots

Their U.S. made boots still have the "Handcrafted in the USA" labels as homage to the men and women that have built the Chippewa brand. As one of the oldest outdoor footwear brands in the world, Chippewa Boots will continue to provide overachievers everywhere with authentic and dependable classic high-quality footwear made to withstand countless adventures for years to come.

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Arctic Weather

Rating 4.5 stars.
Danner Boots Hunting Boots

Danner Boots

They are a company of craftsmen skilled in the art of footwear. Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, who strive each day to uphold the highest standards. Danner boots are a mark of superior craftsmanship, Their hiking, hunting, work, military, and law enforcement boots are built with GORE-TEX waterproof liners, durable Vibram outsoles, and full-grain leather.

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Rough Terrain Cold Weather

Rating 5.0 stars.
Filson Hunting Boots


Since 1897 Filson has been the "gold standard" for tough, comfortable outdoor clothing prized by hunters, anglers, engineers, explorers, miners and anyone who has a passion for the outdoors. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and renowned for making products from fabrics such as heavyweight Tin Cloth and warm Mackinaw Wool, their company stands for the highest quality and most durable apparel and accessories available.

Rating 5.0 stars.
Gokey Boots Hunting Boots

Gokey Boots

Founded by Charles F. Orvis in Manchester, Vermont, in 1856, Orvis is America’s oldest mail-order outfitter and longest continually-operating fly-fishing business. Privately owned by the Perkins family since 1965. At the Gokey factory in Tipton Missouri, Stacy Doss keeps a 165 year tradition of boots & shoes entirely handmade of American bullhide leather alive and well.

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Snake Boots Upland Game

Rating 5.0 stars.
Itasca Leathergoods Hunting Boots

Itasca Leathergoods

Itasca Leathergoods makes and sells high quality handcrafted moccasins and other leathergoods such as bags, totes, etc. All manufacturing is done in the United States using domestic leather.

Rating 5.0 stars.
L.L.Bean Hunting Boots


Continuing the tradition, L.L.Bean still manufactures old favorites such as Bean Boots by L.L.Bean®, the Maine Hunting Shoe® and the Boat and Tote® Bag, as well as newer items. The L.L.Bean manufacturing facilities, located in Brunswick and Lewiston, Maine, employed nearly 350 people in 2011.

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Rain & Snow

Rating 5.0 stars.
Rocky Boots Hunting Boots

Rocky Boots

Headquartered in Nelsonville, Ohio, ROCKY ® Outdoor Gear is a world leader in rugged outdoor and occupational footwear. A corporate office, warehouse, and distribution center now accompany the original manufacturing building in Nelsonville that goes back to 1932.

Rating 5.0 stars.
Russell Moccasin Co Hunting Boots

Russell Moccasin Co

It's hard to believe that the famous hunting boots worn by presidents, generals, kings, movie stars and hunters the world over, have been hand made in the same rustic, vine covered building on Franklin Street in Berlin, WI, for more than 108 years. The Russell legend began in 1898 when Will Russell hand crafted his first pair of boots for the then booming Wisconsin logging business. Hunters quickly recognized the value of the Russell hand sewn product...thus a legend was born.

Rating 5.0 stars.
Whites Boots Hunting Boots

Whites Boots

The White's Boots tradition has its roots in the logging country of West Virginia back before the Civil War. It was there that Otto White's father & grandfather made calked boots for the logging industry. White’s Boots is a registered ISO 9001 company. Their boots are constructed in the USA and meet the rigorous standards of UL testing.

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Mild Terrain

Rating 5.0 stars.