California Vehicle Manufacturers

We are compiling an ever growing list of manufacturers from large corporations down to individuals that owns, produces and/or sells 'Vehicle Manufacturers' made here in California.

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Vehicle Manufacturers

There are currently a total of (3) companies in this list.

Bay Ship & Yacht Co

Bay Ship & Yacht Co. (BSY) was founded in 1977 by Bill Elliott with primary focus on the construction and repair of wooden ships. Bay Ship & Yacht's commitment to quality construction and repair is widely recognized throughout the commercial vessel community. That reputation is well-known to a growing circle of experienced superyacht owners who have made Bay Ship & Yacht their company of choice, and to a group of buyers who recognize that the Bay Ship & Yacht experience has set the standard for others to follow.

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Duffy Electric Boat Company

The Duffy Electric Boat Company is the world-wide leader in electric boat design and manufacturing. With over 10,000 boats produced out of its California factory you can find them in over two dozen countries around the world.

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IOS' mission is to develop an affordable Orbital, Lunar, and Interplanetary transportation system.Explore Low Earth Orbit with Interorbital System's Personal Satellite Kits and NEPTUNE modular rockets! Choose between the IOS TubeSat and the classic CubeSat. The satellite kits are available with a launch to orbit included in the price. Payload space is also available for independently built CubeSats and other satellites.

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Note: Some of the companies listed in this California Vehicle Manufacturers Directory may also own/manufacture/raise/produce them in other states and countries as well. Many businesses alter their brand names, practices and designs with little or no notice, so if there are still questions that remain, we suggest contacting the manufacturer directly.

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