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Made in the USA Products - American Manufacturers List

Updated Sept 12, 2018 by David Hurley

We are currently compiling a list of companies that make products right here in America. This directory has information about and links to the businesses, which includes large corporations, small businesses and individuals, each one offering their own type of unique items and/or services.


131 Manufacturers Accessories Fleece Apparel Gloves Hand Bags Flight Jackets Socks


109 manufacturers Blenders Coffee Makers Popcorn Poppers Pressure Cookers Vacuum Cleaners Water Heaters

Art &Crafts

35 manufacturers Candles Dolls & Doll Making Folk Art Leatherwork Metal Craft Pottery

Beauty Products

23 Manufacturers Cosmetics Fragrances Hair Care Nail Care Skin Care


64 manufacturers Battery Chargers Cameras Cell Phones Computers iPhone Cases Metal-Detectors

Foods & Beverages

95 manufacturers BBQ Sauce Candies Canned Foods Honey Jams & Jellies Smoked Foods


76 manufacturers Cowboy Boots Hiking Shoes Hunting Boots Moccasins Walking Shoes Work Boots


136 manufacturers Amish Furniture Country & Rustic Dining Room Leather Furniture Porch Swings Reproduction

Garden & Patio

32 manufacturers Garden Carts Garden Planters Garden Tools Gas Grills Sprinklers Patio Furniture


20 manufacturers Corporate Gifts Food Gifts Gift Baskets Handcrafted Gifts Inspirational Gifts

Health Products

13 manufacturers Fish Oil Free Weights Health Appliances Nutrition Products Physical Therapy Supplements

House & Home

49 manufacturers Barometers Clocks Flags Porch Swings Windmills

Outdoor Recreation

177 manufacturers Backpacks Coolers Fishing Reels Knives Rifle Scopes Tents


278 manufacturers Air-Compressors Axes Hammers Hand Tools Tool-Boxes Sockets & Sets

Toys & Games

30 manufacturers Croquet Sets Jigsaw Puzzles Wooden Toys Yo-Yo's


311 manufacturers Aircraft Automobiles Bicycles Luxury Cars Motorcycles Scooters